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  Protective Measures:
  Maximum Allowable Concentration:300mg/m3
  Engineering Control:Be airtight and provide local sufficient ventilation. Provide safe shower and eye washing equipment.
  Respiratory Protection:A self-priming gas mask (half-mask) should be worn if the concentration in the air is out of limits. It is   recommended to wear a respirator in case of emergency rescue or withdrawal.
  Eye Protection:Wear a pair of chemical safety goggles.
  Body Protection:Wear antistatic overalls.
  Hand Protection: Wear latex gloves.
  Other Protection: It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink at the work site. Take a shower and change clothes after work. Attention should be paid to personal hygiene.
  First Aid Measures:
  Skin Contact: Take off contaminated clothing and rinse skin thoroughly with soap and water.
  Eye Contact: Lift the eyelid immediately and rinse with fluid water or saline solution for at least 15 minutes and then seek medical advice.
  Inhalation: Withdraw from the scene to places with fresh air rapidly; keep the airway clear; in case of dyspnea, give oxygen and in case of respiratory arrest, give artificial respiration; then seek medical advice.
Ingestion: Drink some warm water, vomit with emetic method and then seek medical advice.
  Emergent Leakage Processing:
  Withdraw from the contaminated area to safe area and implement isolation and strict restrictions on access. Cut off source of ignition. Emergency processing personnel are suggested to wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus and fire protective clothing. Try to cut off the source of leakage as far as possible and prevent the leakage from entering sewers, flood discharge trench and other restrictive space.
  A Small Amount of Leakage: Adsorb or absorb with sand or other non-combustible material or rinse with plenty of water, dilute with water and discharge it into the wastewater system.
  A Large Amount of Leakage: Build a causeway or trenching to take in and cover with foam to reduce the steam disasters. Transfer it to tankers or exclusive collectors with anti-explosion pump and then recycle or transport it to the waste disposal site.